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8/26/19-9/01/19 arrest

Pickens County Sheriff's Office Press Release The Pickens County Sheriffs Office reports that the following  individuals were arrested and booked into the Pickens County Jail for  the week of August 26, 2019 through September 1, 2019.

Tandra Goff of Ethelsville was arrested by the Pickens County Sheriffs Office for Probation Violation.

Antonio Manassa of Fosters was arrested by the Pickens County Sheriffs Office for Probation Violation.

Mamie Sherrod of Aliceville was arrested by the Pickens County Sheriffs for Negotiating Worthless Instruments.

WANTED:  The following individuals are wanted by the Pickens County  Sheriff's Office.  If you have any information concerning their  whereabouts please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 205-367-2000.

Amy Livingston Davis of Gordo/Coker is wanted for Negotiating  Worthless Instruments

The Pickens County Sheriffs Office has Recent Reports of a Scam, of  Emails saying you are having issues with your computer, posing as  Microsoft, and asking for your IP address, then taking over your  computer.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking applicants for the  position of Corrections Officer.  Benefits include paid vacation, sick  time, health and dental insurance. Please come by the office for an  application if you are interested. Office hours are 8-4 Monday through  Friday.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office asks Pickens County residents to call  911 immediately whenever they see suspicious vehicles or people in  your communities.

A scam sweeping Pickens County now is for unknown person(s) to call a  residence, and identify themselves as working with the Internal  Revenue Service and then demanding the resident purchase a green dot  money card and give them the account number to pay an “outstanding”  debt to the IRS.  These persons become belligerent and threaten to  come to the home within minutes with local police to arrest them if  they do not make the payment as demanded.  Please do NOT cooperate  with these people.

Yet another scam is when an unknown person calls and offers to install  a free security system in exchange for placing a advertising sign in  the yard.  Do not exchange information with these unknown persons.  Speak only with persons you have requested to speak with and persons  you have verified yourself.

And, one more scam has appeared on Facebook.  Unknown people are  sending note to Facebook members stating they have US Grant money  available to them, however, the person receiving the grant needs to  provide funds so the IRS will release the Fed Ex delivery truck to  bring the grant checks to them.

Once again the scammers are striking.  There is a scam out now which  appears to come from “Publishers Clearing House”.  Please do not  deposit anything that appears to be a check and please do not reply to  their requests for you to contact them in any way.  Publishers  Clearing House will NOT contact you in that fashion.

A new scam happening in Pickens County is suspects are calling  residents, pretending to be the funeral home. We believe they are  reading the most recent obituaries and wanting to collect money from  recent funeral expenses. Please contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s  Office if this happens to you.

There is a new scam of Facebook now where people are using Facebook  Messenger, messaging people about information to get money from your  friends on Facebook.

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